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Current Family Star Montessori Covid-19 Cases

Northwest: 0

Northeast: 0

Total: 0

COVID-19 Tracking

Family Star utilizes the CDC Community Level Data Tracker tool to assess ongoing COVID-19 risk each month related to COVID-19 and adjust procedures accordingly.

COVID-19 Exposure and Quarantine Guidelines

Any children or staff who are able to wear a face covering may remain at school following COVID-19 exposure and will be asked to wear a mask for 10 days following the last exposure. Children and staff who are not able to wear a face covering (under 2 years of age) will be asked to quarantine for 5 days and then may return to school when they provide a negative COVID test result to school administrative staff. Quarantine will NOT be required following domestic or international travel at this time.

General Illness Guidelines

If your child is feeling sick, and diagnosis or symptoms indicate the child should be excluded on the “How Sick is Too Sick” list, please keep your child home and call to notify your school. If your child is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, a negative test result is still required– see “How Sick is Too Sick” for full details and expectations. Your school administrative staff have access to at-home tests for COVID-19, that they can provide to you upon request.

If your doctor provides a safe date for return to school after a medical evaluation, if you have received negative COVID-19 test results, or if your doctor provides a diagnosis of your illness please update school staff. This is extremely helpful for us in evaluating safety to return to care and in monitoring ongoing community and school/classroom level illness trends.


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