In classic, Montessori style, classrooms are designed for discovering the child through an open, welcoming environment with the following qualities:

Spacious and bright | Engaging | Diverse | Cheerful | Motivating | Conducive to learning


Nido (infant) Classroom

Babies from 2-14 months of age, or when they’re ready to transition.

“Nido” is an Italian and Spanish word meaning “nest.” Our Nido classrooms protect and provide learning experiences for our youngest learners.

Our Nido classroom supports the infant’s primary goals in the first year of life:

  • Development of movement
  • Weaning process
  • Independence – “the ability to do for oneself”

Infant Community (IC) - Toddler Classroom

Ages 1-3 years, or when they’re ready to transition.

Infant Communities are very special environments.  As a child grows, its environment should encourage learning and independence. Our IC Classrooms are designed to foster maturity, learning, and community.


Primary (Preschool Classroom)

Children, ages 3-6 years

Our Primary Classrooms are thoughtfully prepared to foster independence, concentration, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning. Dr. Montessori created materials which aid in the intellectual development of the child. The materials are self-correcting and utilize all the senses in learning. Our Primary Classrooms are always evolving to include materials that pique each child’s individual interest.