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Image by Paige Cody


Our Story

For more than 30 years, Family Star Montessori has focused on social justice, equity, and opportunity for Denver’s children. Decades of racial and economic discrimination led to drastic inequities for children in neighborhood schools throughout northeast Denver, which was largely comprised of African American and Hispanic families. Family Star opened its doors to halt the decline of their neighborhood and find solutions to improve education for their children – where they soon became a pilot site for Early Head Start and grew into a national model for early childhood education. Today, Family Star provides individualized programs and services to support children in achieving developmental milestones, while offering support to the whole family.

Our Mission

Through Montessori Curriculum and other leading educational systems, we create learning environments that help guide and develop children. We seek to develop the whole child by providing high-quality, integrated environments and supports that educate children, strengthen families, and build community.

Our Vision

To discover the child in inclusive Montessori environments and inspire a movement for educating children and caregivers, while breaking systemic barriers to allow children and caregivers to reach their fullest potential.

Our Values


Honor all with dignity and empathy

Conduct our work honestly, truthfully, and transparently

Value and work to strengthen the whole community

Support the wellness and wellbeing of children, staff, and families

Practice ongoing, transparent, and consistent dialog with all


Approach our work with a spirit of wanting to continuously learn

Believe every child is unique, and we strive to support each child’s development uniquely

Meet children and families where they are and provide necessary resources to overcome barriers

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