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Services at Family Star

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Comprehensive services are important to all of us at Family Star Montessori. Our teachers and staff want children to come to class mentally and physically prepared. Good health, nutrition, and overall well-being are important not only for the student, but for the entire family.


However, Family Star Montessori is not just about the students in our schools... It is so much more! 


We are here to support children and their families, in and out of the classroom, by empowering parents as their child's first teachers, offering weekly food banks for families and the community, providing prenatal services to parents, mental health services, and developmental disability screenings. 

Family Star is here to provide comprehensive services that support the whole-child and the whole-family, remove barriers, and access resources and essential services. This approach allows children to focus on meeting developmental milestones and laying a strong foundation for their school years.   

If you encounter any immediate needs or concerns, please reach out to a Family Star staff member, such as your Teacher, School Director, Parent Educator, Child & Family Advocate, or other trusted individual who can help direct you to the right resources.

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