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Prospective Families



Family Star is like a family to my sons and I. The boys enjoy seeing their teachers and classmates daily. Family Star helped us transition into public school and helped us feel comfortable with him going to ‘big boy’ school.
— Josh, Northeast Parent
Somos una familia de seis personas y para nosotros es importante la comunicación y las necesidades de cada uno.

Me encanta la motivación que le dan a los niños, que sean creativas y aprenden conforme a su edad. Es muy bueno e importante para nosotros haber conocido este programa, mi hija empezó a tener mucha mas actividad con las cosas que esta aprendiendo.

Tengo muchas esperanzas y anhelos, el primero es que mis hijas sean unas buenas estudiantes y saquen una carrera que les guste para su porvenir y bienestar.
— Ana, Home-based Parent

What Makes Us Different

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NAEYC Accredited

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Authentic Montessori

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Dual Language Learning

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Home-Based Program

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High-Quality Teachers

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Student to Teacher Ratios

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Honesty & Integrity


In classic, Montessori style, classrooms are designed for discovering the child through an open, welcoming environment with the following qualities:

Spacious and bright | Engaging | Diverse | Cheerful | Motivating | Conducive to learning


Nido (infant) Classroom

Babies from 2-14 months of age, or when they’re ready to transition.

“Nido” is an Italian and Spanish word meaning “nest.” Our Nido classrooms protect and provide learning experiences for our youngest learners.

Our Nido classroom supports the infant’s primary goals in the first year of life:

  • Development of movement
  • Weaning process
  • Independence – “the ability to do for oneself”

Infant Community (IC) - Toddler Classroom

Ages 1-3 years, or when they’re ready to transition.

Infant Communities are very special environments.  As a child grows, its environment should encourage learning and independence. Our IC Classrooms are designed to foster maturity, learning, and community.


Primary (Preschool Classroom)

Children, ages 3-6 years

Our Primary Classrooms are thoughtfully prepared to foster independence, concentration, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning. Dr. Montessori created materials which aid in the intellectual development of the child. The materials are self-correcting and utilize all the senses in learning. Our Primary Classrooms are always evolving to include materials that pique each child’s individual interest.

Our Teachers

Teachers are the heart of Family Star

Of our 40 teachers, more than half have worked at Family Star for longer than 10 years. The longevity of our staff is both a testament to the work environment at our school and a key element of our quality program.

We also have a highly diverse staff of teachers and teacher’s assistants.  Our 13 lead teachers represent eight different countries of origin. Their multi-cultural experiences contribute greatly to our world-class learning environments.  Some of our lead teachers have graduate degrees, and all of them have Montessori teacher certification in the age level in which they work.  Below are just a few of the Family Star teachers who could become part of your child’s life.


Yuliya Apostolova


Yuliya Apostolova is a Nido Lead Teacher who has worked at Family Star since 2007. She was born in Bulgaria, where she earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She received her Montessori certification at The Montessori Institute in Denver and is grateful to Family Star for helping her realize her wish to learn about the Montessori philosophy. Yuliya loves working at Family Star because she “has learned how to not only be a teacher, but also to see what is inside the child; how to recognize the child’s needs and emotions; and how to create a relationship with each family.”


Alma Amador


Alma Amador is an IC Lead Teacher who has worked at Family Star since 1996. She was born in Honduras and received her Montessori certification at The Montessori Institute in Denver. Alma loves working at Family Star because “they give me the opportunity to grow professionally. I love working with children and believe that Family Star provides the best for our children and families.”


Marcella Martinez


Marcella Martinez is an IC Lead Teacher at our Northwest center who has worked at Family Star since 2002. She is from Denver, CO and received her certification at the Montessori Institute. She loves working at Family Star because, “there’s a great family atmosphere. We provide so many services to our children and families and strive to address everyone’s unique needs.”


Graciela Romero


Graciela Romero is an IC Lead Teacher at our Northeast center who has worked at Family Star since 1993. She is from Mexico and is one of our bilingual educators. Graciela earned her AMI certification in Denver and absolutely loves working at Family Star, “it’s impossible to choose just one thing that I like, everything is great.”


Want to work with us?

Home-Based  Services

In addition to a center-based option, Family Star Montessori has recently incorporated a home-based program option into our program offerings. In our home based program, children and families receive the full complement of comprehensive services as they partner with a home visitor to support the best developmental outcomes for children.

What you will get when you enroll in the home based option

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Weekly 90-minute visits with a Family Star parent educator

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Bi-weekly Socialization events with all home based families and children

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Learn how to best support your child’s development and give your child the best in life

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Links to community resources and referrals

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In-home screenings to ensure your child’s health and wellness

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Join a learning community to help you be an even more confident and effective parent


Home based services can help you as a parent

If your schedule restricts you from having your child attend our full-day center based program, our Home Based Services are the perfect answer.

Benefits of home based program

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Helps you understand how to teach your child in the home environment

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Teaches you how to adapt your home environment to make it more conducive to learning

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Offers you more flexibility and peace of mind

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Encourages bonding with your child


Helps you better understand child development and brain development


Enables you to learn how to be better at teaching your child

For more information about our home based program, please call our Home Based Coordinator, Keri Morgan, at 303.477.7827 ext. 103.

Parent Involvement

Family Star Montessori values parents and guardians as their child’s first teachers.  For this reason, parent involvement is very important to us.  We are proud that we consistently receive a score of 10 out of 10 on the Colorado Shines rating category of Family Partnerships.


Parent/Teacher Conferences & Home-Visits

Twice every year we have parent/teachers conferences at our centers. Additionally, each child’s lead teacher conducts two home-based conferences with the child’s parents each year to ensure that every student is best-equipped for success.

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Parent Education Classes & Family Nights

These events are designed to develop a supportive and informed community of families.  Our goals for these activities are to support parents in becoming the most effective and confident parents they can be.

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Parent Policy Council

Parents participate in every hiring process for new employees, and in approving policy decisions.

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Family Support Services

We link parents to a wealth of community resources to help families overcome any challenges that impact their children’s ability to learn and develop, such as: homelessness, financial stresses, family substance abuse, or violence in the home.

For more information on how Family Star Montessori works together with parents, please call 303.477.7827 or email.


Why diversity is so important

Family Star Montessori’s diversity is “program-wide” – a microcosm of the world. Students and families of all backgrounds and abilities interact, learn, and play together – just as they do in the real world.

There are many dimensions of diversity at Family Star Montessori.

Family Star’s Ethnicity Distribution

  • 2% Asian
  • 1% Native American
  • 1% other
  • 49% Latino
  • 30% Caucasian
  • 10% African American
  • 7% Bi-racial

Family Star Student Economic Background

  • 65-75% of our students come from families living in poverty
  • 25-35% of our students come from families who can afford to pay full tuition


Spanish Speakers

30% of our families speak Spanish as their primary language.



Student with Disabilities

14-16% of our students have documented disabilities.



Bilingual Learning

Students at Family Star Montessori have the added benefit of bilingual learning. We strive to have one English-speaking teacher and one Spanish-speaking teacher in every classroom.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive services are important to us. Our teachers and staff want children to come to class mentally and physically prepared. Good health, nutrition and overall well-being is important not only for the student, but for the entire family.


Family Support

  • Connection to community resources

  • Family goal setting and follow-up

  • Parenting education classes

  • Social events

  • Expecting parent support and education


Family Star Montessori provides children with developmental and overall health screenings, including:

  • Vision screenings

  • Dental screenings

  • Hearing and language screenings

  • Screenings and support for disabilities and developmental delays



Family Star Montessori provides our students with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack each day.  We have found that children try and enjoy a wide variety of food when the menu items are served “deconstructed,” meaning children are able—in a family-style setting—to choose what they want to eat and serve themselves. Students learn to eat at a table with their peers, using adult-size utensils. They set the table and clean up after themselves. Mealtime is an educational experience, in both life skills, and healthy eating habits.

Development & Disabilities

Family Star Montessori offers developmental screenings to all children and identification, referrals, and resources to children with disabilities.  Family Star Montessori welcomes children with disabilities who have already been identified. We provide:

  • Developmental screening to all children within 45 days of enrollment

  • Early identification of child with disabilities

  • Referral to and support with Child Find assessment (Part C of IDEA)

  • Inclusion of all children in classrooms

Learn More

Our Disabilities Coordinator works with, and supports, the parent in the referral to the Community Centered Board (Denver Options), and in the assessment of the child through Child Find and the development of the Individual Family Service Plan. If eligible, necessary therapies can be provided by Family Star Montessori by the therapist identified by Denver Options and the parent. Teachers, as well as the parents, follow through on any necessary care or therapies throughout the day for the child. Most therapies are done in the classroom and the child is not pulled out or isolated from the other children.


Mental Health

Family Star Montessori offers comprehensive mental health consultation services, in collaboration with the Partnership for Families and Children and the Mental Health Center of Denver. Expected outcomes include:

  • Prevention and /or early intervention of mental health disorders for young children through delivery of intentional social and emotional practices

  • Early identification of social, emotional, or behavior concerns with consultative support and interventions for families, staff and other caregivers of children

  • Professional development and capacity-building for child care staff

  • Referral and linkages to community services for additional developmental services, mental health treatment, and caregiver support.

The caring professionals, resources and diversity at Family Star combine to create a very special place for early childhood education. Among all of the options available, I feel very fortunate to have found Family Star as I know the valuable things my son is learning will stay with him well beyond the toddler and preschool years.
— Family Star Parent


Are you interested in the highest quality, authentic Montessori preschool education for your child?

To apply, you first need to tour our school. We offer personalized tours for parents where we visit classrooms and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. At the conclusion of your tour, you will receive additional enrollment information, including the application. Completed applications should be returned to Family Star at your earliest convenience along with the $100 non-refundable application fee. Once we have received your completed application and fee, your family will be entered on our waitlist. Our Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator will determine ongoing space availability and the timing of admissions based on availability. The length of time a family spends on our waitlist varies widely, and we will offer enrollment openings accordingly. When an opening becomes available, you will be notified by our Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator, who will provide information on the specific classroom and transition schedule.

Please fill out the inquiry form below and our Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule a tour. If you have already toured and would like to complete your enrollment application, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the enrollment packet.

We do not offer part-time enrollment at our school.

Our school schedule is full-day, 5 days/week. Students may be dropped off between 7:15 AM – 9:00 AM and can be picked up any time between 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM, with exceptions for special circumstances.

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