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Family Star is a wonderful school and we who serve on the Board of Directors and Policy Council feel that it is a privilege to do so. We give our time, expertise and funds because our school’s approach is emblematic of what education should be – inclusive, self-motivating, intrinsically valued and diverse.  Our efforts to create a safe and stimulating educational environment using the Montessori model supported by wrap-around services that screen children for issues early, has been our path for over twenty years.  We believe this model demonstrates many of the critical elements required for a successful educational system.  Most importantly, we firmly believe it helps put our children and families on virtuous trajectories where their motivation and energies can continue to contribute to improving their lives and that of the community.  As members of this special team, we relish seeing the results of the teachers, staff and parents’ guide the young students forward!”

– Jim Barrett, Board Chair

Board of Directors

Click here to see our 2016-2017 Board of Directors roster.


Policy Council

The Family Star Montessori Policy Council is comprised of family representatives and staff volunteers who provide an open and balanced perspective on the overall direction of the organization.
The council meets monthly and a representative of the council sits on the board.

Policy Council’s purpose is:

  • To increase parent involvement
  • To enable parents to engage in shared decision making
  • To increase the number of leaders in the organization
  • To increase awareness of how the program operates

How Policy Council works with the board/staff:

  • Through a designated, elected representative
  • Reviews, provides input and approves various items monthly.
  • Submit recommendations to the board for consideration
  • Board member is assigned as a liaison


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