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How Family Star Montessori’s home based services work…


In addition to a center-based option, Family Star Montessori has recently incorporated a home-based program option into our program offerings. In our home based program, children and families receive the full complement of comprehensive services as they partner with a home visitor to support the best developmental outcomes for children.


What you will get when you enroll in the home based option:

•  Weekly 90-minute visits with a Family Star parent educator
•  Bi-weekly Socialization events with all home based families and children
•  Learn how to best support your child’s development and give your child the best in life
•  Links to community resources and referrals
•  In-home screenings to ensure your child’s health and wellness
•  Join a learning community to help you be an even more confident and effective parent

Home based services can help you as a parent.


If your schedule restricts you from having your child attend our full-day center based program, our Home Based Services are the perfect answer.

Benefits of home based program:

•  Helps you understand how to teach your child in the home environment
•  Teaches you how to adapt your home environment to make it more conducive to learning
•  Offers you more flexibility and peace of mind
•  Encourages bonding with your child
•  Helps you better understand child development and brain development
•  Enables you to learn how to be better at teaching your child

For more information about our home based program, please call our Home Based Coordinator, Keri Morgan, at 303-477-7827 ext. 103.