Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive services are important to us. Our teachers and staff want children to come to class mentally and physically prepared. Good health, nutrition and overall well-being is important not only for the student, but for the entire family.


Family Support

  • Connection to community resources

  • Family goal setting and follow-up

  • Parenting education classes

  • Social events

  • Expecting parent support and education


Family Star Montessori provides children with developmental and overall health screenings, including:

  • Vision screenings

  • Dental screenings

  • Hearing and language screenings

  • Screenings and support for disabilities and developmental delays



Family Star Montessori provides our students with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack each day.  We have found that children try and enjoy a wide variety of food when the menu items are served “deconstructed,” meaning children are able—in a family-style setting—to choose what they want to eat and serve themselves. Students learn to eat at a table with their peers, using adult-size utensils. They set the table and clean up after themselves. Mealtime is an educational experience, in both life skills, and healthy eating habits.

Development & Disabilities

Family Star Montessori offers developmental screenings to all children and identification, referrals, and resources to children with disabilities.  Family Star Montessori welcomes children with disabilities who have already been identified. We provide:

  • Developmental screening to all children within 45 days of enrollment

  • Early identification of child with disabilities

  • Referral to and support with Child Find assessment (Part C of IDEA)

  • Inclusion of all children in classrooms

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Our Disabilities Coordinator works with, and supports, the parent in the referral to the Community Centered Board (Denver Options), and in the assessment of the child through Child Find and the development of the Individual Family Service Plan. If eligible, necessary therapies can be provided by Family Star Montessori by the therapist identified by Denver Options and the parent. Teachers, as well as the parents, follow through on any necessary care or therapies throughout the day for the child. Most therapies are done in the classroom and the child is not pulled out or isolated from the other children.


Mental Health

Family Star Montessori offers comprehensive mental health consultation services, in collaboration with the Partnership for Families and Children and the Mental Health Center of Denver. Expected outcomes include:

  • Prevention and /or early intervention of mental health disorders for young children through delivery of intentional social and emotional practices

  • Early identification of social, emotional, or behavior concerns with consultative support and interventions for families, staff and other caregivers of children

  • Professional development and capacity-building for child care staff

  • Referral and linkages to community services for additional developmental services, mental health treatment, and caregiver support.

The caring professionals, resources and diversity at Family Star combine to create a very special place for early childhood education. Among all of the options available, I feel very fortunate to have found Family Star as I know the valuable things my son is learning will stay with him well beyond the toddler and preschool years.
— Family Star Parent