Update on Fire Near NE Center

At approximately 7:30 am today, there was an incident in the NE neighborhood (Bruce Randolph & Franklin St.). A house was on fire and there were explosions that were heard and felt by Family Star staff, parents and children. Family Star staff reacted immediately and evacuated the Primary building. Staff, parents and children were directed to the main building. There was a lot of activity in the neighborhood as the Denver Fire Dept. & Emergency responders were trying to control the scene. It is likely that parents will hear about this incident by others or through the media. Family Star would like to communicate parents that we have received notification from the Fire Dept. at 8:45 am that the fire is 100% contained and it’s safe to return to our Primary building. We would also like to inform parents that our facilities manager Gordon has completed a walk through prior to children and staff returning to the building.

Please know that the NE team (Angelica, Joecella & Stacy) are available to talk with parents and answer questions

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