Supporting Your Child's Independence

Image Source: Encouraging our children to become independent is a major goal of most parents. However, trying to figure out how to provide the type of freedom to allow for independence while still keeping our children safe and secure can be a tough challenge for many parents. It may be easier for us to pick out their clothes, offer unbreakable dishes, and pick them up to get them where we are going. However, this shortcuts that may make life a smidgen easier for us can also serve to deprive our children of their independence. Conversely, allowing our children to decide on an outfit between a few choices we offer them, to help prepare dinner by peeling the oranges, and to drop the occasional breakable plate so that they learn caution with those objects can really serve to offer them the opportunity to be independent and a vital part of their family.

Over at, they have compiled a list of ten tips for supporting your child's independence, that are usable in many home settings, and don't require a huge amount of change from what you already do. Some of you may already be doing many of these, and others might just have a light bulb moment when reading through them.