Holiday Sponsorship Opportunities

The holidays can be a difficult time for families struggling to stay one step ahead of daily expenses.  Many do not have the additional resources needed to provide their children with the celebrations and gifts that so many children enjoy during this time of year.  

The generosity of Family Star supporters provided gifts to over 150 children last year.  And, with your help again this year, we can bring bright and cheerful holidays to all of the children and families who need our support this holiday season. Our goal to serve at least as many this year, if not more.


Listed below are a variety of ways to lend your support to Family Star families.  Whether you decide to adopt a child, provide holiday food baskets or donate warm hats and mittens, this is a wonderful opportunity for individuals, families, businesses or clubs to participate in the season of giving.

  • Cover our Hat & Mitten Tree: Please help us cover our two Hat & Mitten trees with the winter clothing and accessories that young children need to stay warm in Colorado.  These items can be sized for newborns up to 6-year-olds.  We hope to have hats, mittens, snow pants, coats, scarves and boots.


  • Gift Cards for Parent Choice: This is a great and easy option when the season gets really busy.  We’d be happy to distribute gift cards for major retail stores that sell food, clothing and toys to our parents in most need.  This can make a family’s holiday all the more fun when they can shop for the turkey and toys together.


  • Holiday Food Baskets:  We’d love to give out holiday dinner baskets to our low-income families.  Please let us know how many baskets you can make and they can either be delivered to our main office for distribution or, in some cases, you may be able to make the delivery yourself.  For health and safety reasons, all the food must be store-bought and packaged.


  • Adopt-a-child:  Please choose a boy or girl in the 0-6 age range.  We’ll provide you with a first name, wish list ideas and practical gifts that mom or dad wishes for the child.


  • Adopt-a-family: Please let us know the size of the family you’d like to adopt and we can provide you with first names of the family members, ages, gender, wish list ideas and practical gifts that the parents have mentioned would help the most.  The gifts can be dropped at our main office for delivery.


  • Adopt-a-classroom: This is a great option for a group.  Please select one or more infant (8 children), toddler (8 children) or preschool-age classrooms (20 children).  We’ll supply you with a wish list of items for the children in the room. The list might include coats, mittens, boots and/or hats.  Teachers may also invite donations of Montessori materials, plants, & real household items to use in our curriculum.


  • Adopt-a-center: Please let us know if you’d like to undertake a large group project such as interior or exterior painting, furniture repair, deep cleaning or gardening.  Some of these projects are seasonal and some can only be completed when the building is closed to children.

To sign up, please contact Shanna Kattari at 303.477.7827 or email your preferences to by November 30th. Items are due to the Centers by December 7th.