Helping Your Child with Self Discipline

Image Source: One thing that is frequently the sign of a Montessori Child is the way that they demonstrate self-discipline.  This can be seen as they clear the table after a meal and push in their chairs, or in choosing to go lie down when they are feeling tired. It is demonstrated when they choose to use their words to express their displeasure (instead of letting their frustration become physical) and when they choose to walk instead of run to their next piece of work.

For many parents, the question becomes how to support this journey to self discipline at home, when their children are outside of the authentic Montessori environment. It can be as easy as offering basic choices to you your child, such as between two different types of fruit, or which sheets they would like to have on their bed. One thing many parents have trouble with is thanking their child for the task accomplished (ex: "Thank you for helping me wash the dishes") rather than loading them up with praise for doing what was expected of them (ex: "I'm so proud of you for being such a good boy and helping!").  Being authentic in your reactions, and not heaping on praise for small things allows your child to feel helpful, part of the family and want to help again.

For more tips like these in providing your child with an environment to develop self discipline, please check out this article on ten tips for self discipline provided by