February Curtis Park Move Update

Attention Parents:  We’re Renovating, Improving and Moving Family Star Northeast to Curtis Park -- Goal for doors to open for 2012-2013 school year! It’s for real now—we are committed!  We’ve been talking about it for six months-- was anyone beginning to wonder if this was ever going to come together?!

It took a lot of expert help from skilled and dedicated friends of Family Star, but we now have a formal agreement and are moving forward with renovation work to move Family Star’s program to 929 29th Street.

Why are we moving?  What will be great about moving to Curtis Park? •    Healthier, more solid facilities are a vital priority for the future of our Northeast Family star program.  We are so happy to have found such a wonderful location to move our program. •    It is important to consolidate our Northeast program into one building and on one property! The playground will be just a few steps outside the classroom—no need for any of our children to cross the street to use the playground! The building has a gymnasium where Family Star students will be able to exercise their large muscles each day, even when the weather doesn’t allow for going outside. The gymnasium also allows us to provide separate nap space for the Primary children who still nap.  This will allow the older children to have a second work cycle in the afternoon free from concern that they will disturb the napping children—allowing for more learning! We will streamline our administrative structure a bit, with one Center Director for the Northeast program.  This will help reduce the unfortunate confusion for teachers and parents that occurs due to licensing rules requiring separate Center Directors for separate buildings. •    We are also excited about the fact that we will be on a campus that has other wonderful community services, including the Denver Economic Prosperity Center. •    More info and “meet and greets” to come. We promise to provide ongoing updates, answer questions, and ensure transparency and accountability.

When are we moving?   I am hoping we will be able to move in fall 2012, and will let everyone know when we get a clearer answer on the time over the next couple of months.

How can parents get involved?  We would love to have parent involvement in some of the planning.  For example, some parents will be interested in helping plan the move and others can help with planning for a wonderful transition experience for the children. Other parents might want to coordinate with the development department on communications, updates and the community campaign.  We will be in touch in the upcoming months about all these things.  If you want to get involved, contact Jen Hinderliter at (303) 477-7827 or jhinderliter@familystar.net to add your name to our volunteer list.

For now—a toast to a beautiful new facility for Family Star’s flagship Northeast Program!  We are glad you are part of Family Star’s family.  Please join us in this next adventure as we continue to strengthen our foundation and grow our roots!   Thank you.

Ginny Trierweiler, Family Star CEO February 2, 2012