Family Star’s School Closure Policy

Dear Parents: As the winter season is rapidly approaching, I want to remind everyone of Family Star’s school closure policy. Traditionally, Family Star pays attention to the closure decisions made by Denver Public Schools (DPS) when making final decisions regarding school closures.  However, there may be some instances when Family Star does not follow DPS’s school closure schedule and chooses to close to ensure the safety of our children and their families.

It is our goal to keep parents and families well informed in the event of school closures. The following communication will occur:

  1. We will post an outgoing message on our answering machine indicating the school closure. Please call (303) 477-7827 or (303) 295-7711.
  1. We will make a posting on Channels 4, 7, and 9 news. Keep in mind that all other schools and educational facilities in the Denver Metro area also post on the same channels.  Therefore, it may be easier to find our closure on the TV stations’ websites than on the rolling TV closures list.  The websites for each television station are listed below:
    1. Channel 4 -
    2. Channel 7 -
    3. Channel 9 -
  1. We will post a message on our Family Star Facebook page indicating the school closure. The website for our Family Star Facebook is listed below:

Please Note: In the case of extremely inclement weather, parents are requested to make the decision regarding attendance or late arrival of their children. Please contact your center to inform them if you plan to arrive late or to be absent due to these conditions.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child’s Center Director.


Bridgitt Mitchell Program Director