Family Star Donors from April 15th - July 15th

A huge thank you to our amazing supporters and donors over the past few months. Their support is what allows Family Star to do the work that we do and serve the children and families of Denver. $100,000+

Mile High United Way

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Nancy Cohen and James P. Wason

The Piton Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999

Katherine Archuleta

Lucy Black Creighton and Tom Creighton

Eugene and Barbara Sternberg Family Fund

Beth Ganz and Mitch Phillips

Nora Jacquez

Bruce and Martha Sattler

Wells Fargo Foundation

$500 - $999


Allen Balczarek

Community Shares of Colorado

Nancy Elkind and Skip Hibbard

Maggie and Adam Gimbel

Lucia Guzman and Martha Eubanks

Charles and Martha Hansen

Karey Lontz

Bea Romer

Reed and Claire Stilwell

Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D.

$100 - $499

Hollie Velasquez Horvath and Byron Hovath

Tammy Aaron

Estella Almanza-Schonewise

Shannon and Todd Sainer

Risa and Hal Aqua

Colette Beneski

Mark Canjar

Jessica Caouette

Katherine Caouette

Lori Casillas

Ted and Carol Colburn

Gregory and Chermarie Crichlow

Christy Cutler and Bill Walters

Denver Community Service Fund

Allyson Dodge

Andrew Dodgen

Ric Durity

Mariana Enriquez

Nancy Ewing

Kathleen Farley

Loren Faye and Ed Dressel

Stacey Fischer

Lisa Flores and R. Tallman

Amy Friedman

Gene Giron and Amy Smith

Maria Guajardo

Kappy Hall

Catherine Hance

Chris Haugen

Anna Jo Haynes

David and Ana Hill

Jennifer Hinderliter

Roy Knoedler

Dottie Lamm

John Latino

Todd Laurie

Paul Lhevine

Matt and Natalie Mansi

Robyn McVicker

Ray Merenstein

William Milnor

William Munn and Gina Spicola

Thiensa Nguyen

Eric and Nicole Oblander

Jim and Sue Okerson

Judi Orion

James Pedler

Chris Perreault

Lydia Prado

Vienna Presley

Andrea Reynolds

Dano and Kelly Rivas

Corinna Robbins

Rachel Weston Rowell

Raymond Satter

Jeff Seifried

Deborah Silvis

Janice Sinden

Ralph Stephens

Kellie Teter and John Connell

Jeff and Elena Tucker

Max and Susan Tyler

Martha Urioste, Ph.D.

Tom Van Ness

Ann Weaver

Paul Wember

Cari Wheat

Robin and Brian Wolff

Jerry Yager

$1 - $99

Anya Aylesworth

Conor Bancroft

Jennifer Barr

Clare Barrett

Shirley Brown

Nathan Bunge

Paul Caouette

Andrea Castaneda

Marisela Castenda

Sonia Chawla

Kelly Costello

Kenneth Crichlow

Daniels Fund

Joshua Daugherty

Judy Dowling

Angela Durlin

Steve Durlin

Linda Ebner

Sylvia Farley

Bridget O'Toole and David Finch

Laura Gabbay Dale and Clarissa Y Gaubatz

Gill Foundation

Judy Goldberg

Patricia Gonzalez

Beth Hamilton

Mary Hanes

Pam Harris and Brad Clemmons

Lisa Hough

Mary Frances Jaster

Claudia Jones

Leo and Shanna Kattari

Alanna Kimmel

Scott Kinnamon

Renee Kraemer

Matt and Kim Lemme

Suzanne Linenberger

Andie Lyons

Erin Martinez

Karen Martinez

Kathryn Mattis and Zeke Peters

Devon McCune

Lisa Montagu

Honoria Niehaus and Paul Caouette

Sarah Parady

Amanda Pedraw

Susan Pfabe-Wiggans

Fernando Pineda-Reyes

Ed and Denise Rivas

Diana and John Romero Campbell

Esther Romero

Richard Romero

Stacey Saggese

Joseph Salas

Joann Sandoval

Amanda Skrzypchak

Gerri Stirlacci and Cynthia Clark

Natalie Sullivan

Michelle Tenorio

The Gary-Williams Company Employee Fund

Jessie Ulibarri Marshall and Janine Vanderburg

Natalie Vimont

Chris Watney

Terence Weatheral

Stefanie Winfield

Jace and Addison Woodrum