A Montessori Child's Owners Manual

Sometimes, being the parent or guardian of a Montessori child can be incredibly tough, trying to figure out how to turn your home into the best possible place for them to thrive. The concept of making your home a prepared environment in a similar aspect to the classroom can be incredibly overwhelming, as if parenting was not stressful enough already. Luckily, Donna Bryant Goertz, Montessori Teacher, Author and School Founder, put together this piece entiled Owners Manual for a Montessori Child (ages 3-6). It gives hints, tips and suggestions for how to engage your child(ren) at hope in the best possible ways, and permission to not be perfect, which we all need at times.  Here is an excerpt: Dear Parent,

I want to be like you.  I want to be just like you, but I want to become like you in my own way, in my own time, and by my own efforts.  I want to watch you and imitate you.  I do not want to listen to you except for a few words at a time, unless you don’t know I’m listening.  I want to struggle, to make a grand effort with something very difficult, something I cannot master immediately.  I want you to clear the way for my efforts, to give me the materials and supplies that will allow success to follow initial difficulty.  I want you to observe me and see if I need a better tool, an instrument more my size, a taller, safer stepladder, a lower table, a container I can open by myself, a lower shelf, or a clearer demonstration of the process.  I don’t want you to do it for me or rush me or feel sorry for me or praise me.  Just be quiet and show me how to do it slowly, very slowly...Click here to view the rest of the article.