Help Us Stock our Food Pantry!

We are dedicated to supporting the health of children and families and believe healthy, high quality food should be available to all. We started our Food Resource Collaborative to gather ideas, experiences and information about the interests and needs of the Family Star Community and develop new resources. One initiative of the Collaborative will be an emergency food pantry at each school location. This pantry will serve to meet immediate dry goods needs – pantry staples, formula, baby foods, etc.

We are asking for your help to stock our food pantry! We are looking for unopened formula, baby food, dry grains, meal kits and other dry goods such as snack bars, beans, peas, pasta or canned goods. Please make sure your items are clean, sealed, do not require refrigeration, and are not expired. You may drop your pantry items off at either school now through February 22nd. Thank you for your support!

Abigail Smith