10 Tips for Encouraging Movement

Image Source: Du.edu Whether you are the parent of a newborn, a toddler, or a movement oriented primary level child, making sure that you are offering the best possible environments for your child(ren) to learn about and experiment with movement is an exciting challenge for every parent. While society tends to push families towards cribs and play pens, which can hinder a child's freedom to move, Montessori supports mattresses on the floor, clothing that allows for romping, crawling, jumping and more, and and environment that supports exploration of movement. At Family Star, you can seeing futons in our Nido and IC classrooms, to allow our students to comfortably nap in an unrestricted manner.

Want to continue to support freedom of movement when at home? Here are 10 Tips for Movement from AidToLife.org. Check them out, and see if any of them might help you prepare your home environment to allow your child(ren) more movement!