10 Tips for Communication

Image Source: uclahealth.org From the day we are born, throughout out entire lives, we as humans are driven to communicate with one another. Whether through motions, words, or other mechanisms, babies, toddlers and children all learn communication from those around them, especially their parents, families and teachers. While it can be quite easy to fall into the habit of baby talk, or watching TV as a family, studies show that speaking to your child in a calm, direct manner using the correct names for things, and sharing reading and story time together, can both help your child develop a more varied and rich vocabulary, and really improve their communication skills. Here at Family Star, we offer complete respect to our students, and talk to each and every one, regardless of the age, using the appropriate terms, in both English and Spanish.

For some tips on how to optimize communication with your child(ren) (at any age of development), AidToLife.org has compiled a list of ten ways you can use Montessori concepts when engaging with your child(ren) at home. Click here to read the list and start integrating some of these ideas into your life!