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We provide the whole package.

We are the whole package.  And that package is different.  It has not been done by others. We have discovered a different way of addressing early childhood care and education that we think is a solution to the woes of our current education system.  This is remarkable and it’s changing our community.”

Deborah Silvis, Former Montessori Director


Family Star provides the highest level of Montessori education for children from 0-6 years, along with comprehensive services including health, nutrition, and disability care.


Authentic Montessori

Family Star’s roots come from a commitment to providing an uncompromising, authentic Montessori education for all students, 0-6. We recruit the most qualified teachers and fill our classrooms with the best Montessori tools.


Dual Language Learning

In order to support children’s potential to be fluently bilingual, we implement a dual language learning approach for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  The teaching strategies we employ vary depending on the ages and skill level of the children being taught, however the same general principles apply at all age levels.  These principles are referred to as One-Person-One-Language (OPOL).

This research-based approach entails that each adult in the child’s life speak only one language to the child.  In order to support this, each of our classrooms has at least one teacher who speaks Spanish and at least one teacher who speaks English. This exposes children to both languages simultaneously at a time when their brains are the most open to acquiring oral language.

Click here for additional details on our Dual Language Program.


Family Star is committed to all children with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity, and are proud to be a program of choice for children with disabilities.


Finest Quality Teachers

We are one of very few Early Head Start grantees in the country with trained, certified Montessori teachers in infant and toddler Montessori classrooms. We are fortunate to have a long standing relationship with The Montessori Institute and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in Denver.  Our infant and toddler teachers receive their teacher training and certification through this training program, and we receive annual consultations from AMI trainers in our classrooms, in addition to serving as an observation site for student teachers-in-training.

We have no geographic boundaries in our recruiting program.  Our teachers come from the throughout the U. S. and many other countries.  We are seeking the best teachers, regardless of where they reside.


Student to Teacher Ratios

We are consistently above state licensing standards when it comes to student to teacher ratios, and far better than public school ratios.  It is our belief that the more attention we can give our students, the better the outcomes. Our Nido and Infant Community Classrooms have a ratio of 1:4 with a maximum of 8 students, and our Primary Classroom has a ratio of 1:10 with a maximum of 20 students.


Bright, Spacious Classrooms

Children love to come to school because of the open, free environment at Family Star.
 Classrooms are designed to inspire students, make them feel welcome, and motivate 
them to learn.