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A Valuable Partnership

Family Star values parents and guardians as their child’s first teachers.  For this reason, parent involvement is very important to us.  We are proud that we consistently receive a score of 10 out of 10 on the Qualistar rating category of Family Partnerships.  Some of the ways parents are involved in the school include:

Family Star teachers and parents partner together to help bring out the bright light that shines in each individual child.

  • Twice every year we have parent-teachers conferences
  • Twice every year, the child’s lead teacher conducts a home visit with the child’s parents

Family Star offers parent education classes and Family Night events.
These events are designed to develop a supportive and informed community of families.  Our goals for these activities are to support parents in becoming the most effective and confident parents they can be, so that they can have the kind of wonderful relationship with their child that they desire.

Family Star engages parents in organizational decisions and directions.
Parents participate in virtually every hiring process for new employees, and in approving policy decisions.

Family Star has dedicated professionals on staff to provide family support.
We link parents to a wealth of community resources to help families overcome any challenges that impact their children’s ability to learn and develop, such as homelessness, financial stresses, family substance abuse, or violence in the home.