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April 2015

Why diversity is so important

Family Star’s diversity is “program-wide” – a microcosm of the world.   Students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds interact with each other to ensure proper human development.

There are many dimensions of diversity at Family Star.


Family Star’s Ethnicity Distribution
  • 49% Latino
  • 30% Caucasian
  • 10% African American
  • 7% Bi-racial
  • 2% Asian
  • 1% Native American
  • 1% other



30% of our families speak Spanish as their primary language.


  • 65-75% of our students come from families living in poverty
  • 25-35% of our students come from families who can afford to pay full tuition



12-14% of our students have documented disabilities.


Dual Language Learning

Students at Family Star have the added benefit of dual language learning.  Most of our teachers are not only bilingual, but can teach both English and Spanish.